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Rudyard Railway Station

Rudyard railway station served Rudyard, Staffordshire and was opened by the North Staffordshire Railway (NSR) in 1850 on the Churnet Valley line.  In the village, the NSR also owned the Rudyard Hotel as part of the company’s efforts to develop Rudyard Lake and its environs as a tourist destination.  The  station master lived at the station and the building to the rear was where the washing boiler was located.

The station connected the village of Rudyard to the outside world, providing the opportunity for travel and of course for visitors from all over the country to visit the area.  Farmers were able to get their milk to market along with local people being more easily able to visit nearby towns – to watch football matches for example!

In 1926, the London, Midland and Scottish Railway renamed the station Rudyard Lake and at the same time Rudyard Lake station at the north end of the lake was renamed Cliffe Park and became a “Halt” where trains would stop on command.  Imagine being able to stop a fifty ton steam train by a simple wave of the hand!

As Rudyard Lake station, it remained open until passenger services were withdrawn from the northern end of the Churnet valley line (North RodeLeek) in 1960.  Freight services continued until 1964 when they also were withdrawn and the track lifted.

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