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A collection of videos about Rudyard Lake.

For The Love Of A Lake

A presentation about all the development and restoration projects that have been completed at Rudyard, from the early 90’s to present day.

Arthur Gallimore

Arthur Gallimore recounts his memories of visiting Rudyard.

Rudyard Lake from Above

Drone footage showing the lake from above around the ‘Lady of the Lake’.

Video courtesy of Roger Wilkinson.

Autumn Reflections Of Rudyard

A short film by Peter J. Durnall.

Memories Of Being An Evacuee At Rudyard

Ernest Richard Bannister

Memories of being an evacuee from central Manchester to Rudyard at the start of WW2.

Memories Of Rudyard Village

Geoff Buxton recalls life at Rudyard Lake in the 1940’s.

Recollections Of Rudyard

In 2000 The Rudyard Lake Trust obtained funding towards producing an archive film for the Millennium. This involved interviewing and filming several local residents.

North Staffordshire Railway

The North Staffordshire Railway (NSR) was a British railway company formed in 1845 to promote a number of lines in the Staffordshire Potteries and surrounding areas in Staffordshire, Cheshire,Derbyshire and Shropshire.

Opening of Rudyard Lake Visitors Centre 2001

he newly completed Visitors Centre was opened in 2001 by the Earl of Macclesfield accompanied by Mr Ray Perry chairman of the Rudyard Lake Trust. This was the conversion of a 150 year old boathouse along with which a new toilet block and changing rooms.

Rudyard Lake Festival – 2000

The Rudyard lake League of friends has organised many events since it’s formation in 1998. Due to the growth of fund raising festivals locally, it has made it more difficult to arrange an event which does not conflict. The main event currently is a firework and light show held in November around bonfire night.


Rudyard Sailing Club Open Day – 1997

Rudyard Lake Sailing Club open day in 1997. Since this video the new club house has been built and opened by HRH princess Anne in 2005. The sailing club now caters for wedding receptions and other functions.

The Two Sams

Home video of Rudyard Lake from the 1970’s

BBC – The One Show on Rudyard Kipling

Set at Rudyard Lake, this One show item talks about Rudyard Kipling and we hear the poem IF recited.

Rudyard Lake – Constructing the Dam

An animation showing how John Rennie and the Canal company built the Dam at Rudyard in 1797.

Rudyard Lake – DJI Phantom 3 Standard.

Superb drone footage showing a bird’s eye view of the Dam End of the lake.

Video Courtesy of Nicholas Morrey.

More of his videos can be found here 

Around the Lake

Some short clips with further information about various parts of the lake.

The Rudyard Lake Visitor Centre

Activity Centre


The Dam

Middle of the Dam

The Two Towers and Coffin

Footbridge and Spillway

Eastern Side Of The Lake

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