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The Rudyard Lake Trust (founded in 1996) has as one of it’s key Objectives ‘to educate the visitors to the area’.  The temporary facilities which were ‘inherited’ consisted of portable cabins to accommodate not only a Visitor’s Centre but the Ranger’s office and shop along with another unit which was a toilet block which stood on its own re circulating effluent tank!

One of the first developments (2001) undertaken by The Trust was to convert an old NSR boathouse adjacent to the Lake in to a Visitor’s Centre to provide the public with an opportunity to learn about the history of the lake along with its wildlife, flora and fauna.

Alongside this project funding was obtained to build a new toilet block with changing rooms and a pumping station was installed to connect the drains to the main sewer.

The Visitor’s Centre has seen considerable use since its conversion, considerable additional amounts of archive information have been forthcoming and we wanted to upgrade the facility.

Thanks to support from The Heritage Lottery Fund, The Rudyard Lake League of Friends and Rudyard Lake Ltd along with tireless support from dedicated volunteers who have attended several workshops, we are able to present considerable new information within the transformed centre which was opened in June 2015.

Also, since history is made everyday, we want our many visitors to record their past memories of the Lake in order that future generations will be able to better appreciate the invaluable inheritance which is Rudyard Lake.

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